Ye MantramVesave

Vijay Devarakonda Movie Ye MantramVesave on Aha

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Ye MantramVesave

The title of the movie translates a question ‘what spell have you for love?’ It is a Telugu romantic drama film based on the life of an irresponsible video gamer guy. The movie was released on 9 March 2018 after a long time since the release was postponed. The film is produced and directed by Shridhar Marri under his production company, Golisoda Films. The movie starred the famous South-Indian actor Vijay Devarakonda and Shivani.

The movie’s plot is primarily based on the life of a boy, Nikki, who loves to play video games. His parents always stay tensed about him as he spends all day playing video games like an addict. He knows how to interact and make girls fall in love with him over social media. The story becomes interesting with the introduction of the character Rags. Getting influenced by his friend’s words, Nikki tries to interact with Rags on social media but fails as she rejects his friend request as she was aware that he is a playboy. Nikki tries various ways to grab her attention but fails. Nikki was unaware that Rags had planned to teach him a lesson. They decide to play a game where Nikki shall find her through the clues of the game.

When Nikki was about to find Rags, he got attacked by some goons hired by Danny who was looking out for rags. When Nikki told this to her, she denied belief and blocked him. Nikki goes off around the city to find Rags, realizing that he fell in love with her. He finds it difficult to search for her without any proper address. When he managed to find her, Danny tried to kidnap her, but she met with an accident. Nikki tries to find Rags in every hospital. Eventually, Rags also falls in love with Nikki. Danny finds out about Rags and kidnaps her. Later Danny realizes that Rags is in love with Nikki, so he sends a kidnapped video to Nikki telling him to stay out of Rags’ life. After that, he becomes angry and reports everything in the police station.

Things take a significant turn when Nikki gets to know that many girls had gone missing in the last two months in this way. With proper investigation, he finds that the girls were held captive at a factory. He rescues them with the help of his friends but couldn’t find Nikki there.

What happened to Rags then? What is this confusion related to Nikki and Rag’s life? Will Nikki ever meet Rags again? To get answers to these questions, check out the best Telugu movies OTT platform, Aha. Check out the fantastic acting of Vijay and enjoy a film based on a video gamer’s life.

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