What Teaching Methodology is Covered in Yoga Teacher Trainings?

For aspiring yoga instructors, a teacher training certification provides the skills and confidence to lead transformative classes. A key aspect covered in these programs is teaching methodology – the techniques and principles for conveying yoga effectively. What methodology concepts can students expect to learn?


Teacher trainings provide a deep dive into intelligently sequencing classes, from warming up with sun salutations to cooling down with Savasana. You’ll learn principles for sequencing postures and how to use peak poses to build classes around. Understanding progression allows you to safely guide students through practice.


An entire language exists within yoga cuing. Trainings teach you how to offer concise verbal cues that communicate alignment and actions effectively. You’ll also learn non-verbal cuing through gestures and light touch. Mastering language empowers you to activate the right muscles and movements.


Marianne Wells YTT
Most teacher trainings emphasize demonstrating postures properly to complement your verbal instructions. You’ll learn how to demonstrate poses safely and dynamically to teach by example. Mirroring is an important concept covered to help students visualize alignment.


Keen observation is crucial for responsive teaching. Trainings teach you how to scan students, spot misalignments, and read energy levels. You’ll learn to balance proactive sequencing with reacting intuitively in the moment to meet students’ needs.


Finding your authentic teaching voice is a process. Trainings help you understand how to project confidence while being true to your natural vocal tendencies. You’ll learn techniques for speaking clearly and pacing language effectively amidst sequences.

The methodology toolbox created through teacher training gives you adaptable skills for diverse class settings. Programs like Marianne Wells YTT take a comprehensive approach to ensure you gain literacy in all facets of instruction. With a mastery of methodology, you can teach any style of yoga to varying levels of students. Your creativity combines with your command of technique to deliver safe, thoughtful classes.

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